Special Interest Group for

Early Career Investigators

This Action puts a particular emphasis on voicing the interests of Early Career Investigators in SSH and strives to provide a platform for the discussion of opportunities and threats this position entails especially within the context of research evaluation.

Early Career Investigator (ECI) is defined by COST as a researcher whose career spun less than 8 years between the date of the PhD/doctorate (or similar experience) and the date of involvement in the COST Action.

The objective of this transversal Special Interest Group, composed of ECI, is to gather experiences and reflections of early career researchers from different countries and across different disciplines of SSH, on career paths and opportunities, funding and research trends, evaluation policies, visions of the next generation science, most compelling challenges they face, and other issues relevant for young scholars in SSH.

Participation in the Action and in the Special Interest Group not only provides an opportunity for ECI to join a research network of established scholars from multidisciplinary fields, but also an opportunity to create a networked community of their own. This could result in a successful collaboration on many issues of mutual interest in the future.


If you are interested to join the Action and SIG, please contact us!