ENRESSH Publications

By 30 October 2016

ENRESSH is publishing a series of papers, working papers, blogs and interviews in Open Source journals, in English and other languages.

Publications in English


  1. Emanuel Kulczycki, Raf Guns, Janne Pölönen, Tim C. E. Engels, Ewa A. Rozkosz, Alesia A. Zuccala, Kasper Bruun, Olli Eskola, Andreja Istenič Starčič, Michal Petr and Gunnar Sivertsen (2020). ‘Multilingual Publishing in the Social Sciences and Humanities: A Seven‐Country European Study’ in ASIS&T (Open Access).
  2. Nelius Boshoff & Stefan de Jong (2020). ‘Conceptualizing the societal impact of research in terms of elements of logic models: a survey of researchers in sub-Saharan Africa. ‘ In: Research Evaluation.
  3. Marc Vanholsbeeck, Theodosia Demetriou, Agne Girkontaite, Andreja Istenic Starcic, Ville Keiski, Emanuel Kulczycki, Elena Papanastasiou, Janne Pölönen, Hulda Proppe and Maja Vehovec (2019). ‘Senior academics as key negotiators in the implementation of impact policies in the social sciences and humanities.‘ in fteval Journal for Science and Technology Policy Evaluation (Open Access), 48, pp 72-79.
  4. Emmanuel Kulczycki, Ewa A. Rozkosz, Tim. C.E. Engels, Raf Guns, Marek Hołowiecki & Janne Pölönen (2019). ‘How to identify peer-reviewed publications: Open-identity labels in scholarly book publishing.’ In: PlosOne (Open Access).
  5. Muhonen Reetta, Benneworth Paul & Julia Olmos-Peñuela (2019). ‘From productive interactions to impact pathways: Understanding the key dimensions in developing SSH research societal impact.‘ In: Research Evaluation, 1–14.
  6. De Jong, S.P.L. and Muhonen, R. (2018). ‘Who benefits from ex-ante societal impact evaluation in the European funding arena? A cross-country comparison of societal impact capacity in the social sciences and humanities’. In: Research Evaluation (advance access).
  7. Mañana Rodriguez, J. & Pölönen, J. (2018). ‘Scholarly book publishers’ ratings and lists in Finland and Spain: Comparison and assessment of the evaluative potential of merged lists’. In: Aslib Journal of Information Management, 70(6), 643-659.
  8. Engels, T. C., Istenič Starčič, A., Kulczycki, E., Pölönen, J., & Sivertsen, G. (2018). ‘Are book publications disappearing from scholarly communication in the social sciences and humanities?’ Aslib Journal of Information Management, 70(6), 592-607.
  9. Pölönen, J., Auranen, O., Engels, T., & Kulczycki, E. (2018, September). ‘Taking national language publications into account: the case of the Finnish performance-based research funding system’. In: 23rd International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators (STI 2018), September 12-14, 2018, Leiden, The Netherlands. Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS).
  10. Puuska, H. M., Guns, R., Pölönen, J., Sivertsen, G., Mañana-Rodríguez, J., & Engels, T. (2018). ‘Proof of concept of a European database for social sciences and humanities publications: description of the VIRTA-ENRESSH pilot.’
  11. Giménez-Toledo, E., Mañana-Rodríguez, J., Engels, T. C., Guns, R., Kulczycki, E., Ochsner, M., … & Zuccala, A. A. (2019). ‘Taking scholarly books into account, part II: A comparison of 19 European countries in evaluation and funding.’ Scientometrics, 1-19.
  12. Ochsner, M., Kulczycki, E., & Gedutis, A. (2018, September). ‘The Diversity of European Research Evaluation Systems.’ In: 23rd International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators (STI 2018), September 12-14, 2018, Leiden, The Netherlands. Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS).
  13. Sīle, L., Pölönen, J., Sivertsen, G., Guns, R., Engels, T. C., Arefiev, P., … & Macan, B. (2018). ‘Comprehensiveness of national bibliographic databases for social sciences and humanities: Findings from a European survey’. Research Evaluation, 27(4), 310-322.
  14. Ribeiro, B., Bengtsson, L., Benneworth, P., Bührer, S., Castro-Martínez, E., Hansen, M., … & Shapira, P. (2018). ‘Introducing the dilemma of societal alignment for inclusive and responsible research and innovation.’ Journal of Responsible Innovation, 5(3), 316-331.
  15. Kulczycki, E., Engels, T. C., Pölönen, J., Bruun, K., Dušková, M., Guns, R., … & Zuccala, A. (2018). ‘Publication patterns in the social sciences and humanities: evidence from eight European countries.’ Scientometrics, 1-24.
  16. Galleron, I., Ochsner, M., Spaapen, J., & Williams, G. (2017). ‘Valorizing SSH research: towards a new approach to evaluate SSH research’s value for society.’ fteval Journal for Science and Technology Policy Evaluation, 44, 34-40.
  17. Galleron, I., Ochsner, M., Spaapen, J., & Williams, G. (2017). ‘Evaluating to valorise: the societal value of SSH research and the ENRESSH COST Action.’ fteval Journal for Science and Technology Policy Evaluation, 43 (Proceedings of the Open Evaluation 2016 conference in Vienna), 175-177.
  18. Ochsner, M., Hug, S. E. & Galleron, I. (2017). ‘The future of research assessment in the humanities: bottom-up research assessment procedures.’ Palgrave Communications 3, 17020.
  19. Galleron, I. (2016). ‘Enabling the SSH.’ Pan European Networks: Science and Technology, 19, 75-77. Contributors listed: Spaapen, J., Ochsner, M., Benneworth, P., Engels, T., Williams, G.


  1. Good practice manual on databases for research output
  2. Overview of Peer Review Practices in the SSH


  1. Corina Balaban & Paul Benneworth (2019). “To unlock ECR Impact, create stable career identities”, LSE Impact Blog, May 2.
  2. Stefan de Jong & Reetta Muhonen (2019) “Ahead of the Game – How impact is an additional hurdle for scholars from widening countries to receiving EU funding”  LSE Impact Blog, February 18.
  3. “What science is worth for us?” on the Canadian Federation for the  Humanities and Social Sciences blog spot

Press Releases

ENRESSH is a Europe-wide action and we believe languages are one of Europe’s greatest wealths. Therefore, we are preparing our basic press release about what we do in as many European languages as possible.

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