Ad Prins

By 21 October 2016
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Institution: Consultant & Director: Support in ResearchManagement
Country: Netherlands
Early stage researcher:
Area of interests: Contextual Response Analysis, Indicator development, SSH
Short statment:

Ad Prins, PhD, is actively involved in the development, organization and evaluation of research. The diverse ways in which research is relevant in society is one of his main concerns. Also, he specializes in improving collaboration among professionals and scientists.

At the moment he conducts a pilot study for the introduction of research quality indicators for the Humanities in The Netherlands.

Ad Prins works as independent consultant, in particular for universities, knowledge institutes and larger research schools. Recently he performed bibliometric investigations of the social, political and scientific use of major policy research institutes, among which work CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, SCP (the Netherlands Institute for Social Research), PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, WODC, the Researh and Documentation Centre for the Ministry of Security and Justice, NIVEL, and for the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Bibliometric analyses were performed for large university institutes and faculties. This implies the recently national bibliometric exercises for the evaluation of research programs in several fields; Education, Pedagogical Sciences and Anthropology.

In developing research indicators, he has been involved in the EU FP7 SIAMPI program, for which he developed the Contextual Response Analysis into a tool for investigating indirect interactions of researcher and stakeholders.

As a researcher at the University of Amsterdam, Prins performed evaluation studies for the Ministry of Education and Sciences, the Dutch Advisory Council for Science and Technology and the EU. These included among others the effects of new assessment schemes, the visibility of Dutch social sciences in international literature, and the effects of internal research management in academic hospitals on performance indicators.