Topic 3.2b: Open call

By 7 January 2019
Researcher: Lai Ma
Researcher`s institution: University College Dublin
Host institution: Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation
Period of stsm: 2018-12-03 - 2018-12-10
Funds approved:

Topic: This is an open call serving to respond to any needs of collaboration within ongoing or new projects within the ENRESSH Action. Any topic/work plan that can contribute to fulfilment of specific WG goals and deliverables is eligible. Before submitting, a potential applicant must contact a respective WG or SIG leader to discuss his/her work plan. As this is an open call, both the host institution as well as the visiting scholar apply together.

Results: results include but are not limited to reviews, reports, conference presentations and publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Host institution: any institution in a participating COST country / an approved NNC institution or an approved IPC institution. It is possible to apply (i) by finding a host institution not involved in the COST Action CA15137, or (ii) applying to a host institution already involved in the Action.

Special criteria: The applicant is familiar with topics covered by ENRESSH, especially with the organization of SSH research and evaluation and ideally possess the following:

  •   Masters degree or Ph.D. in social sciences/humanities research, relevant to the topic of theSTSM;
  •   High interdisciplinary openness;
  •   Solid English language skills (oral and written);
  •   High communicative and inter-cultural competence.Practical details: it depends on the topic and a host organization Contact:

Special criteria for this STSM: The applicant has access to (or can get access to) and is familiar with the data infrastructure in their own country or region.