Topic 3.1.1 Preparation of survey on evaluation and career (SIG ECI)

By 3 April 2018
Researcher: Karolina Lendák-Kabók
Researcher`s institution: University of Novi Sad
Host institution: FORS, located at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland)
Period of stsm: 24/09/2018 to 07/10/2018
Funds approved: 2500 euros

Description of the topic: During this STSM, the grantee will develop a standardized questionnaire on the topic of evaluation and career. She or he will also develop a concept for the fieldwork for the international survey that will be conducted shortly after the STSM. The grantee will use the preliminary analyses of the qualitative interviews conducted within the SIG EIC and the draft questionnaire developed in the SIG ECI-STSM of GP2 as a basis for the final questionnaire. FORS will provide expert knowledge on questionnaire development and survey design (question formulation, scale development, translation, sampling, fieldwork management, web-survey programming and management). The questionnaire development will be driven by findings of the qualitative interviews and the potential future analyses with the quantitative data in cooperation with the host and SIG EIC.


Objectives: This STSM will lead to a prepared fieldwork for a survey on evaluation and career among early career researchers. It is necessary for achieving the GAGP 10 “To release a questionnaire about the evaluation of ECI in various COST countries” and GAPG 2 “To understand the impact of evaluation practices on ECI careers”. It further helps to advance the understanding of knowledge production and dissemination in the SSH (Task 1 of WG1).


Special criteria for this STSM: the applicant is willing to, and capable of, developing a survey on evaluation and (early) career with the support of the host institution.

Results: The proposed STSM will result in a questionnaire. Fieldwork for the survey will be prepared. Thus, the STSM contributes to the policy papers “Recommendations for better adapted approaches to research evaluation” (GAPG 6) and “Recommendations for better adapted criteria and indicators” (GP4). It will be a crucial input for the second Training School.


Practical details:

Working group: WG1 (conceptual frameworks for SSH research evaluation)

Duration and timing: between 2 to 4weeks in September/October 2018.

Location: FORS, Géopolis, CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

Contact: Michael Ochsner (;