Topic 2.2. 1: Scholars’ perceptions of research quality and notions of quality (WP1)

By 31 March 2017
Researcher: Sanja Pekovic
Researcher`s institution: University of Montenegro (Kotor, Montenegro)
Host institution: Université Paris-Est Créteil
Period of stsm: 10/09/2017 - 25/09/2017
Funds approved: 2300 euros

Host institution: Université Paris-Est Créteil, Institut de Recherche en Gestion

Description of the topic: Within WG1 sub-group 4 “notions of quality”, qualitative interviews will be conducted on how experienced researchers perceive what makes research excellent work. This STSM serves to prepare the qualitative interviews that will be fielded in different countries. By analysing pre-test interviews and comparing them across countries, a framework will be developed for conducting qualitative interviews to investigate notions of quality.

Objectives: The STSM would contribute to the following objectives of the Action:

  • To observe what kind of scientific and societal interactions characterize SSH disciplines in general, and some in particular.
  • To understand and explain patterns of dissemination in the SSH, through confrontation of information stored in national databases and field interviews.

Special criteria for this STSM: the applicant has knowledge of the organisation of SSH research in his or her country and thus be able to identify all SSH scholars working at (all or a selection of) the universities in his or her country.

Results: The proposed STSM will contribute to the Training school, co-authored publications and to recommendations for better adapted criteria and indicators for SSH research.

Practical details:

Working group: WG1 (conceptual frameworks for SSH research evaluation)

Duration: between two weeks and two months (between August and October)

Location: Université Paris-Est Créteil, Paris, France

Contact: Stéphanie Mignot-Gérard (