Topic 3.3.1 Metadata standards in the frame of the ENRESSH-VIRTA information service (WG3)

By 3 April 2018
Researcher: Dragan Ivanovic
Researcher`s institution: University of Novi Sad
Host institution: CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd, Research Information Management and Interoperability.
Period of stsm: 01/09/2018 to 15/09/2018
Funds approved: 2500 euros

Description of the topic: ENRESSH-VIRTA is a collaborative project conducted as part of the activities of the working group 3. The project aims at integration of publication information from various countries and organizations. The grantee of this STSM will contribute to both technical and contextual development of the proof of concept VIRTA-ENRESSH-POC into a European research information service. Particularly, he or she will support the project in the context of metadata standards and harvesting and integration of information from various data sources.



  • Explore the current technology and data model of ENRESSH-VIRTA;
  • Investigate the potential use of international metadata standards, CERIF in particular in harvesting and exporting publication data in the frame of the European research information service.



  • A review on potential of CERIF data model in data harvest and export in ENRESSH-VIRTA information service
  • A protocol for mapping heterogeneous data from various national, institutional or local sources into a common standardized data model;
  • A plan for automatic generation of publication type information.


Special criteria for this STSM: Preferably the applicant has access to and is familiar with the data infrastructure in their own country or region. Understanding of the CERIF data model is an advantage.

Practical details: Working group: WG3 (databases and uses of data for understanding SSH research);

Duration: between 2 weeks and 2 months;

Location: CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd, Espoo, Finland;

Contact: Hanna-Mari Puuska (