Topic 2.3.2: Integrating and comparing national databases of SSH research output (WP3)

By 4 October 2017
Researcher: Joshua Eykens
Researcher`s institution: University of Antwerp
Host institution: CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd, Research Information Management and Interoperability
Period of stsm: 26/01/2018 to 12/02/2018
Funds approved: 1970 euros

Objectives: In the past decade, several calls have been made to work towards a European database of publications in social sciences and humanities (SSH), by integrating local and national databases of SSH research output. Recently, members of WG3 have made the first advances towards this goal by setting up a pilot study in which metadata from different countries are processed and integrated by the Finnish VIRTA system.

The aim of the current STSM is to evaluate and analyse the results of the pilot study. Specifically, one or more of the following topics can be worked on:

– Analysis and evaluation of publication data quality in the VIRTA pilot.

– Bibliometric analysis: A comparison of pilot organizations, for example in terms of co-publishing, publication types, or internationality.

– Development of guidelines for a future expansion of the pilot study.

Results: A paper on multilateral comparisons between countries and/or report outlining steps to be taken for a future expansion of the pilot study.

Special criteria for this STSM: preferably the applicant has access to and is familiar with the data infrastructure in their own country or region.

Practical details:

Working group: WG3 (databases and uses of data for understanding SSH research)

Duration: between 2 weeks and 1 month

Location: CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd, Espoo, Finland

Contact: Hanna-Mari Puuska (