Topic Metadata standards in the frame of the ENRESSH-VIRTA information service (WG3)

By 24 July 2019
Researcher`s institution:
Host institution: University of Novi Sad (Serbia)
Period of stsm: Between 2 weeks and 2 months
Funds approved:

Description of the topic: The grantee of this STSM will contribute to both technical and contextual development of VIRTA-ENRESSH data model and how it could be used as a basis for research publication metadata transfers between CRIS systems and planned European Research Information Infrastructure. The STSM will use the outcome of ENRESSH-VIRTA project, conducted in activities of working group 3, as a starting point and investigate the potential of VIRTA-ENRESSH based publication metadata transfers by producing a minimum set of CERIF data model elements needed in publication metadata transfers. In addition, the STSM will provide review of this data transfer from the point of view of ENRESSH-VIRTA infrastructure as national publication metadata aggregator.


  • Develop the existing VIRTA-ENRESSH data model by taking into consideration the CERIF data model and achieve wider interoperability by forming a minimum set of CERIF elements needed in publication metadata transfers
  • Investigate the potential of VIRTA-ENRESSH data model as a basis of research publication metadata transfers in European context and outline how the research publication metadata could be transferred by using the ENRESSH-VIRTA infrastructure as an example of national metadata aggregator

Expected results:

  • A summary of minimum CERIF data model elements needed in research publication metadata transfers considering CRIS systems and national aggregators in European context
  • An outline of implementing the research publication metadata transfer in ENRESSH-VIRTA infrastructure

Special criteria for this STSM: Preferably the applicant has access to and is familiar with the data infrastructure of ENRESSH-VIRTA. Understanding of the CERIF data model is an advantage.

Practical details:Working group: WG3 (databases and uses of data for understanding SSH research);

Duration: between 2 weeks and 2 months;

Host institution: University of Novi Sad

Location: University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia

Contact: Dragan Ivanović (