Topic Drivers and barriers in achieving impact in impact on policy from and by European SSH projects (WG4)

By 24 July 2019
Researcher`s institution:
Host institution: Leiden University (the Netherlands)
Period of stsm: Between 2 weeks and 4 weeks, between September and December 2019.
Funds approved:

Description of the topic: The grantee of this STSM will contribute to the understanding of long term policy impact from European collaborative SSH -social sciences and humanities, projects, such as COST Actions and Societal Challenges projects. It involves an analysis of ~15 of such projects funded by EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020 through documents produced by these projects and telephone interviews with their chairs and/or dissemination coordinators. The main question to be answered is: what are drivers and barriers for European SSH projects in having an impact on policy? The results will be used to organize ENRESSH’s impact on policy in the final year of the action.



  • Select European SSH projects and programmes to study.
  • Collect contact details of interviews.
  • Conduct interviews with chairs and dissemination coordinators of the selected projects.
  • Collect documents, for example policy briefs, from selected projects.
  • Analyse data using qualitative data analysis tools.
  • Formulate recommendations for impact on policy from collaborative European projects.


Expected results:

  • A one-pager with recommendations for European SSH projects.
  • A working paper for the ENRESSH working paper series, to be developed into a manuscript that can be submitted to an international peer-reviewed journal.


Special criteria for this STSM: Preferably the applicant has experience with qualitative research, including the use of qualitative analysis tools such as Nvivo and Atlas.ti.

Practical details: Working group: WG4 (dissemination)

Duration: Between 2 weeks and 4 weeks, between September and December 2019.

Host institution: Leiden University
Location: Leiden University, Leiden, the Netherlands Contact: Stefan de Jong. (