Topic 3.2.3: Productivity and a structure of outputs in various SSH disciplines (WP3)

By 20 July 2018
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Host institution: Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań
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Topic: This STSM will confront productivity and a structure of outputs in various SSH disciplines. The focus of the STSM will lie in a cross-country comparison of the SSH publication patterns, especially in terms of publication languages and types (e.g., the share of monographs and non-English publications). The task will encompass the comparative analysis of the SSH output of the grantee’s country database as well as the Polish Scholarly Bibliography.

– To Confront productivity and structure of outputs in various SSH disciplines, using data from existing national information systems or other databases and repositories (identify dissemination profiles, clusters and hybrids);
– To analyse characteristics of divers dissemination channels used in the SSH.

Results: One or more publications as well as establishment of new collaboration(s) (or development of the existing ones) between the Adam Mickiewicz University and theapplicant’s organisation.

Special criteria for this STSM: The applicant has access to (or can get access to) and is familiar with the data infrastructure in their own country or region.

Practical details:

Working group: WG3 (databases and uses of data for understanding SSH research) Duration: between two weeks and two months, preferably two weeks,
Location: Scholarly Communication Research Group – Faculty of Social Sciences, Szamarzewskiego 89c 60-568 Poznań, POLAND

Contact: Emanuel Kulczycki (