ENRESSH is dead, long live ENRESSH

By 4 February 2022

As we all know, our funded COST project came to an end in 2020. We were lucky to have held our final event in Paris just before the world shut down. Since, we have simply not been able to physically meet, but zoom has been working well!

So, ENRESSH is not dead, it has simply become an association!

From the outset, the groundwork behind our highly successful COST action was carried out by members of the association EvalHum. As the name ENRESSH had largely disappeared from the map, we simply renamed it as ENRESSH. Some are very much alive. If you want to join us as a member, just send an email to williams(at)EvalHum.eu to have our bank details.

Gradually, this page will change to reflect our new status, but the work goes on as we investigate evaluation procedures across Europe, and beyond, in the Social Sciences and Humanities, in all their diversity and wealth, and including the arts.