ENRESSH Webinar on Evaluation of Artistic Research on 26th April 2pm CEST

By 16 April 2023

ENRESSH is proud to announce the next edition of the ENRESSH webinar in cooperation with the Research on Research Institute RoRI.
It takes place virtually on 26th April at 2pm to 3:30pm CEST and will tackle an under-researched topic: Evaluation of Artistic Research in Performance-based Research Funding Systems (PRFSs).

We are happy to welcoming two experts on the evaluation of artistic research: Kamila Lewandowska (University of Warsaw) and Florian Vanlee (ECOOM-VUB).

The webinar is free to attend but we kindly ask you to register via Eventbrite:

Title of Input Presentation 1: Evaluation of the Arts within Performance-based Research Funding Systems (PRFS)
Kamila Lewandowska, University of Warsaw

Abstract: This research project provides the first comprehensive analysis of the evaluation of the Arts within performance-based research funding systems (PRFSs). The webinar will discuss the results from a two-year research project focusing on how the PRFSs evaluate artistic outputs in ten countries: Australia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Although those countries adopt diverse evaluation approaches, we were able to discover three types of systems based on how artistic outputs are classified and evaluated, and identify 12 quality criteria used by evaluative panels. Furthermore, we conducted a mixed-method study to assess the relevance of quality criteria used in PRFSs. The results of the qualitative analysis of interviews with artists-academics and Joint Correspondence Analysis show that when art is evaluated in the context of academic research, both the traditional indicators of artistic quality as well as the cognitive and research-related aspects of art are believed to be significant.

Title of Input Presentation 2: Registering & Evaluating Artistic Research in Flanders
Florian Vanlee, ECOOM-VUB

Abstract: Since 2009, ECOOM-VUB participates in a stakeholder-driven project to develop a registration format able to capture the various outputs resulting from artistic research conducted at higher arts education institutions (HAEIs) in Flanders – the Northern, Dutch-speaking region of Belgium, coupled with the creation of an ex-post evaluation protocol based on the documented outputs. Focusing on the most recent developments in the project (cf. 2019-2023), the present webinar first discusses the two-tiered registration format designed as the basis for a current research information system (CRIS) for artistic research conducted at Flemish HAEIs. It showcases the format’s synchronic approach, premised on documenting individual outputs (cf. the ‘output level’) which are linked to an overarching ‘research trajectory’ (cf. the ‘supra-output level’). In doing so, the format aims to avoid applying ‘academic’ logics of research information management on artistic research – supplanting diachronic logics tailored to traditional forms of scholarship with an approach based on the realities of art-based investigation. Subsequently, the webinar addresses how this format will serve as the basis for a testcase to assess the extent to which it is possible and commendable to allocate funds for Flemish HAEIs through an ex-post evaluation mechanism based on the registered data.