New designation: ENRESSH Fellow

By 25 February 2019 March 21st, 2019


At the Brussels Steering Committee meeting of February 2019, the Steering Committee agreed to create a new designation within the ENRESSH Network, that of “Fellow of the ENRESSH Network”.  The purpose of this designation is to distinguish network participants who have made a substantive contribution to the progress of activities within the network without being part of the Steering Committee.  The Fellowship is only active for as long as the participant is active within the Network. Any network member may be nominated as a Fellow, either as a self-nomination or by a proposer (who is expected to seek the permission of the candidate).  Nominators should provide a brief justification of the proposal, indicating clearly how the proposed candidate has made a substantive contribution to the work of the ENRESSH Network.  Proposed candidates will be scrutinised by the Steering Committee and the award will be conferred after the decision by the Steering Committee.The names and profiles of Fellows will be publicised on the website and new awards will be reported at the annual management meeting.

A fellowship will be awarded to any nominated ENRESSH member who has made an evident and substantive contribution to the work of the ENRESSH Network, regardless age, career stage, and employment status.  Evidence that might suggest a substantivecontribution would typically include (although might not be limited to) involvement in a number of these activities.

  • Having attended and given presentations to one or more ENRESSH WG meetings
  • Having participated in an STSM
  • Having contributed to research activities by completing a questionnaire, fiche, country profile etc.
  • Having contributed actively to training activities in an ENRESSH Training School
  • Having recruited or identified potential new participants or research subjects for ENRESSH activities
  • Having given a presentation at an ENRESSH-affiliated session at a RESSH conference or international conferences
  • Having given a presentation to a third party as a representative or participant of ENRESSH
  • Having published an article in the ENRESSH Working Paper series
  • Having published a paper which acknowledges ENRESSH
  • Having contributed to a writing group producing policy briefs, newsletter or other community material.

Overview of ENRESSH Fellows

During the Management Committee meeting in Podgorica (7th-8th March, 2019), the following ten members received the status of ENRESSH Fellow:

  • Marta Wróblewska
  • Karolina Lendák-Kabók
  • Rita Faria
  • Agnė Girkontaitė
  • Reetta Muhonen
  • Jorge Mañana-Rodríguez
  • Dragan Ivanović
  • Linda Sīle
  • Marc Vanholsbeeck
  • Antun Plenković