Second call for STSMs in Grant period 4 published

By 24 July 2019

The second call for STSMS in Grant period 4 is published. The call includes 5 STSMS and the topics are:

  1. Topic 1.1: Who and What Fails Credibility of Research Assessment? Reflections on Public Discourse, Expert Knowledge, and Democracy(WG1)
  2. Topic 1.2: Data Citation (WG1)
  3. Topic 3.4: Identifying of and publishing in questionable social sciences and humanities (SSH) journals (WP3)
  4. Topic 4.1 Drivers and barriers in achieving impact in impact on policy from and by European SSH projects (WG4)
  5. Topic SIG ECI:Between a rock and a hard place: career demands versus good research for early career investigators (SIG ECI); two vacancies

More information on STSMS can be found here. The call can be downloaded here..