Understanding and stimulating SSH impact and engagement with society

By 25 August 2017
Host: Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar (Croatia)
Dates: 12/02/2018 - 16/02/2018

Understanding and stimulating SSH impact and engagement with society

Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar (Croatia), Marulićev trg 19/I , PO Box 277, 10000 Zagreb

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About the Training School

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This training school provides participants with insights into the theories and practices of stimulating impact creation from social sciences and humanities research. This training school is organised within the framework of the COST Network European Network for Research Evaluation of the Social Sciences and Humanities ENRESSH (www.enressh.eu) and forms part of the Impact Working Group. The training school will focus on three specific dimensions: Firstly, creating a conceptual understanding on the specificities of SSH impact and non- linear impact models; Secondly, alternative appropriate policy frameworks for maximising SSH impact; Finally, we will explore ways of supporting scholarly practices to optimise the creation of impact through SSH research, and capturing this with evaluation systems.

Learning outcomes

Having completed the training school, participants are expected to be able to:

  1. Explain the principles of creating societal impact from research
  2. Distinguish different pathways for creating research appropriate to differentcontexts
  3. Apply these impact pathways to create recommendations for their own researchand other research with which they are familiar
  4. Analyse case studies of impact creation to highlight barriers and driversunderpinning and reducing the effectiveness of impact
  5. Propose country-specific policy interventions to improve the volume and qualityof impact creation from SSH research activities
  6. Produce a non-academic summary of a research project indicating potentialaudiences for that research activity.

Practical details:

The duration of this Training School is four working days (Trainees to arrive in Croatia on 12/02 and depart on 16/02). A grant of up to 700 EURO (up to 400 EUR for the residents of the country where the training school is organised) will be provided for accepted participants as a contribution to the travelling costs, accommodation and subsistence during the Training School.