Training School Downloads

By 14 February 2018

Understanding and stimulating SSH impact and engagement with society

Tuesday was kickoff

Wednesday gets even better

Thursday? Now what did Thursday bring?


Student presentations

Evaluation procedures and their impact on SSH careers

All presentations from the Training School in Vilnius, Lithuania (January 2019) are now available:

National bibliographic databases and their uses for evaluating and understanding research

The presentations form the Training School in Poznan, (October 2019), are now available:

1 Introduction to the training school

2 Linda Sīle – Overview of DB manual

3 Dragan Ivanovic – Overview of DB manual

4 Sophie Biesenbender – Germany

5 Eduardo Fuentes – Monitoring of research in Peru

6 Christina Huidiu – Dimensions

7 Ying Huang – Monitoring of research output in China

8 Emanuel Kulczycki – Poland

9 Gunnar Sivertsen – Using CRIS data

10 Emanuel Kulczycki – SSH

11 Janne Polonen & Tim Engels – Peer reviewed content and predatory publishing

12 Gunnar Sivertsen & Elea Gimenez – Toledo Register of book publishers

13 Jadranka Stojanovski – Persistent identifiers

14 Raf Guns – Validating and enriching data through external sources

Group work presentations