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Elea Giménez Toledo presents two ENRESSH projects during the Annual Meeting of Association of American University Presses

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The Association of American University Presses holds its annual meeting from June 11-13. Elea Giménez Toledo will present two ENRESSH projects on open access books on the second day of the meeting. She will talk about bibliodiversity, or publishing diversity, in the Ibero-American context and present the Helsinki Initiative on Multilingualism of which ENRESSH is a co-founder.

LSE Blogpost on Impact and Early Career Investigators by Corina Balaban and Paul Benneworth

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The LSE Impact Blog published ‘To unlock ECR Impact, create stable career identities’, blogpost by ENRESSH members Corina Balaban and Paul Benneworth. They highlight key structural barriers that limit the impact of Early Career Investigator research and argue for the need to introduce an ethos and long term vision to deliver impact in higher education organisations.

Belgian ENRESSH Day Major Success!

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On 30 April Belgian ENRESSH members organised a national ENRESSH day to exchange knowledge on evaluation and impact of the social sciences and humanities with stakeholders. ENRESSH collaborated with the University of Saint Louis-Bruxelles, the University of Antwerp, the Ministry of Wallonia-Brussels Federation and in delivering this day.

The day was a huge succes. About 60 participants from a variety of professional backgrounds participated – policy makers, research evaluators, academic researchers and representatives of funding agencies, the rectors’ conference as well as the European University Association and the Young European Research Universities. Many of them expressed their positive opinion about the day. The programme and presentations give an impression of the Belgian ENRESSH day can be found here.

ENRESSH Co-founds Helsinki Initiative on Multilingualism in Scholarly Communication

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ENRESSH is one of the founding signatories of the Helsinki Initiative on Multilingualism in Scholarly Communication. Policy-makers, leaders, universities, research institutions, research funders, libraries, and researchers are invited to sign the Helsinki Initiative to promote multilingualism in scholarly communication.

ENRESSH supports the Helsinki Initiative with its statement ‘Balanced Multilingualism in Scholarly Communication’, which is available in multiple languages over here.


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The RESSH conferences are founding events in the history of ENRESSH as this is where it all started! As ENRESSH draws to a close, the next steps will once more take place at RESSH, so this is the place to be.

The flagship event of EvalHum, RESSH brings together ENRESSH and EvalHum members and the wider world of research evaluation in the SSH. It aims to be a small friendly event where the priority is the exchange of ideas.

The next conference will take place in the beautiful city of Valencia immediately after the ENRESSH meeting.

Don’t miss the new deadline! For full details

This is the 3rd EVALHUM sponsored event following the highly successful meetings in Rennes (2015) and Antwerpen (2017). Details of past events and of EvalHum membership can be found on our website –



Michael Ochsner and Corina Balaban present the work of ENRESSH during Knowscience workshop

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Michael Ochsner and Corina Balaban were invited to present the work of ENRESSH during a workshop of the international Knowscience project. Knowscience ‘focuses on understanding the interplay between policy instruments intended to govern higher education and research and the informal rules and processes that have developed for ensuring the quality of the knowledge they produce’.  Michael delivered his keynote speech ‘National Research Evaluation Systems, Research Quality and the SSH’. Corina gave a presentation on motivations of early career SSH researchers to engage in ‘impactful’ research.

Ten members receive ENRESSH Fellow Status

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During the 4th Management Committee Meeting in Podgorica (8th March, 2019), ten members received the ENRESSH Fellow Status for their substantive contribution to the progress of activities within the network.

These ENRESSH Fellows are:

  • Marta Wróblewska
  • Karolina Lendák-Kabók
  • Rita Faria
  • Agnė Girkontaitė
  • Reetta Muhonen
  • Jorge Mañana-Rodríguez
  • Dragan Ivanović
  • Linda Sīle
  • Marc Vanholsbeeck
  • Antun Plenković

More information about the status of ENRESSH fellow can be found here.