ENRESSH Deliverables

By 5 September 2017

On this page you will find the main ENRESSH deliverables

The ENRESSH Manifesto in English and other languages:

Challenges of the evaluation of social sciences and humanities research (SSH) ENRESSH – European Network for Research Evaluation in the SSH: Guidelines_SSH_final


List of institutions: First release

Who evaluates the SSH? ENRESSH participants have put together a list of institutions, organisations, and bodies involved, in each country, in SSH research evaluation. While information about certain countries is still missing, this is the first time a global picture is put together about the variety of agents concerned with the subject, and the variety of evaluative activities they perform, at different levels.
The list is published, in this first version, in an excel format. ENRESSH is actually studying the feasibility of transforming it into a database, and gathers short descriptions of each of the institutions mentioned in this document. The excel file can be found here: list_SSH_first_release
Please note that all deliverables of ENRESSH are under a Creative commons license, CC_BY_NC_ND_SA.

Report of WG1 on Projects on SSH Scholars’ Notions of Research Quality in Participating Countries

What does research quality mean? This question becomes important when research is evaluated but remains largely unanswered, especially regarding the social sciences and humanities (SSH). This report gives an overview on empirical projects that explicitly investigate the notions of research quality of SSH scholars. Such projects are scarce and often not much known, yet are of great importance, as only with knowledge on what is to be measured, we can find adequate indicators for research quality.

Report of WG3 on databases

This document provides an overview of European databases and repositories for research output within the social sciences and humanities (SSH). The focus is on national databases that are currently in use.

This overview is a result of a survey conducted within the framework of European Network for Research Evaluation in the Social Sciences and Humanities (ENRESSH, www.enressh.eu).


Report on VIRTA Pilot and Proof of Concept

We have succeeded in setting up an experimental database integrating metadata of publications from six different universities in four countries. This is an important step towards realizing the enormous potential of a publication information service at the European level. Such a service can provide institutions with feedback and benchmark indicators regarding their publications. All of this was possible thanks to the initiative of dr. Hanna-Mari Puuska from the CSC – IT Center for Science, Finland.


Documents from the Prague Stakeholder Meeting

The first ENRESSH stakeholder meeting too place in Prague on the 19th to 20th January 2017.

ENRESSH has numerous stakeholders, this meeting addressed policy makers at national level in European countries. Details of the event can be found on the specific meeting page SSH Evaluation: Reconciling needs and methods

Below you will find the support slides and other documents from the meeting as they become available.

Opening speech by Dr. Ioana Galleron, chair of the action, and Professor Geoffrey Williams, Work Group four leader: CA15137_Prague_2017.19.01_Introduction

State of the Art from the work groups presented by Dr. Michael Oschsner (Work Group 1), Dr. Reetta Muhonen (Work Group 2) and Dr. Tim Engels (Work Group 3): Prague_state_of_the_art_final

The KeyNote was provided by Dr. Erik Arnold of Technopolis Group: KeyNote_Erik_Arnold

ENRESSH Bibliographical database

The ENRESSH bibliographical database is now available on Zotero. ENRESSH members can contact either the workgroup leaders or specifically the Work Group 4 leader, Professor Geoffrey Williams for any texts that think might need to be added. Work on more detailed reference and tagging is underway.